At it Again! - Our Story

The At it Again Gang

We were on a romp in the Dublin mountains when a great little idea came bounding along. With Bloomsday around the corner, we wanted to inspire people to love Dublin and stop fearing Ulysses. Our challenge was to take a big intimidating book and make it fun and accessible. We ran all the way down the mountain and straight into the pub. By the time we left, our minds were spinning with possibilities. Three mad months later Romping through Ulysses was unleashed. Hungry to explore the Irish roots of iconic books and their creators, our next victim was Dracula. Most recently, we have come out with Romping through Dorian Gray.

The Gang

James is a nervous wire of kinetic and creative energy. Prone to caffeine and sugar highs, this book-loving ideas man should not be fed after 7pm.

Jessica, the saucy schemer, takes pleasure in whipping At it Again! into shape. She fell in love on Bloomsday, and has been trying to figure it out ever since.

Niall is our Victorian poster boy with a versatile face, great hair and mischievous left eyebrow. He likes to twirl his moustache as he dreams up visual puns.

Maite eats books and ideas for breakfast washed down with a mug of coffee. She sees opportunities at every turn in a country that equally charms and exasperates her.